Fares is Owner and Finance Director for Bergen Car Company, Inc. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, Fares has had the opportunity to gain a wide variety of experience and knowledge. He remains active in all aspects of Bergen Car Company, Inc. Whether it be marketing, technology or production, Fares is dedicated to ensuring a high level of quality service and products that continue to exceed customer expectations. After obtaining two degrees in Business & Finance, along with his combined years of experience, Fares remains resourceful and innovative. He is always looking for new ways to improve our processes and elevate the overall experience of customers and staff. His general philosophy encompasses an understanding of dealership operations, as well as, demanding excellent customer service for all.

Fares makes sure to procure exceptional vehicles at a great value in order to pass those savings on to our customers. Being able to keep costs low for our customers, mixed with Fares' skill in financing, we are able to get the toughest deals done in a quick and efficient way. Take advantage! Want your new ride TODAY? Fares is the guy that can get it done!

He can be reached via cell phone at 866-413-0371) or via email Fares@Bergencar.com


Hadil is our Office Manager at Bergen Car Company Inc. A vital part of our Company, Hadil is responsible for all the work done behind the scenes, including processing loan applications, registration & titling vehicles swiftly and efficiently. Hadil manages all documentation, provides administrative support, and improves our business as a whole. She is outgoing, diligent, honest, and reliable. She keeps our staff laughing and motivated and always makes purchasing a car fun and easy. Hadil is tremendously knowledgeable about the signing process and can help insure a great buying experience.

She can be reached via phone at (973.928.6300) or via email Hadil@Bergencar.com


Katherine is our Title Clerk at Bergen Car Company Inc. She ensures that all our customers receive the required documents for registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles and are completed in a timely and hassle-free manner. Katherine is very dependable, enthusiastic and consistently assisting our staff and customers. 


Jonathan is our Inventory Manager at Bergen Car Company Inc. He originally started as a driver with our company and quickly moving up the ranks, moving from driver, to in-house Photographer/Videographer and now our Inventory Manager. Jonathan has four years of experience in the automotive industry and has gained an enormous amount of knowledge along the way. He does an amazing job supporting our team and providing our customers with outstanding service. 


Michael is our Senior Sales Representative at Bergen Car Company Inc. He has spent his entire career working throughout the automotive industry. Michael has a plethora of knowledge in mechanics and utilizes his skills to help our customers get the right car and allow them to make a sound investment. He is an automotive enthusiast and rarely has to reference a "brochure" to demonstrate and provide information about any of our vehicles! Although Michael has only been with the company for a shorter time than some, he has quickly proven that he is a wonderful liaison for our customers and the individuals he has helped keep coming back. Due to Michael 's extensive knowledge in the automotive industry, he is able to go through our inventory with a set budget and a list of key features and bring the best suited vehicles to shoppers. He loves his role and continues to bring smiles and joy to our customers!

He can be reached via phone at (973.928.6300) or via email Mikez@Bergencar.com


Jose is our Lot Manager and is in charge of Vehicle Prep at Bergen Car Company. Jose is caring, detail oriented and helpful. He manages our lot and is in charge of inspecting every vehicle upon arrival and makes sure every vehicle is in wonderful condition and ready for it's new owner. 

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